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EDMONTON CLASS 1 M.E.L.T, Class 3, and Air Brake


 Learn how to operate a truck using advanced skills and techniques and be a safe driver! Our truck driving school offers individual driving instruction to students. We teach Class 1 M.E.L.T and 3.

Edmonton Truck Training offers competitive prices and quality training!  Give us a call to talk about training opportunities. 


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ETT hopes to train students how to safely operate a vehicle and give the best possible hands on training for students to become successful and skillful drivers.  

​Our school aims to teach the proper skills, attitude and knowledge that will ensure drivers are able to operate a vehicle safely.  

NOTE: CLASS 1 HAS NOW CHANGED AS OF MARCH 1ST, 2019.  STUDENTS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN OBTAINING A CLASS 1 LICENCE WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE MELT (MANDATORY ENTRY LEVEL TRAINING).  THE NEW CURRICULUM CAN BE FOUND ON THE ALBERTA TRANSPORTATION WEBSITE.  You can find additional information regarding Class 1 and 3 driving instruction on this website as well. For questions regarding our truck driving school, please contact us.


7310 18 Street

Edmonton, AB

​T6P 1N8


Edmonton Truck Training (ETT), provides training that is precise.  Our driving instruction focuses on details, students are taught techniques that will keep them safe and others safe when on the road. We are conveniently located in the South East side of the city, and ensure drivers are exposed to a variety of city streets and highways.  At our truck driving school you can be confident in your educational experience!  ETT provides each student with the most advanced training by using industry leading teaching techniques both in the classroom and behind the wheel. ETT specializes in Class 1, 3, and Air brake.  An experienced and certified instructor will meet your driving training needs.  ETT staff are always friendly, professional, and flexible.  ETT is excited about providing education that will assist you in a new career on the road.  Contact Edmonton Truck Training if you have need additional information or have any questions.  ETT is always here to help. 

Give us a call at 780-893-9393 or email us at edmontontrucktraining@hotmail.com, and make an appointment to register today. 

Testimonials about our truck driving school.

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With competitive rates, we’ll give you the best value for your time and money. We focus on providing students with hands on driving instruction. Students will also learn in depth about in vehicle driving, different backing techniques, and pre-trip inspection. Our truck driving school ensures our Class 1 students complete the MELT curriculum.