Why Choose Us


Edmonton Truck Training provides approved courses with a variety of in class and hands on training that allows students to feel confident in their education.  ETT provides each student with a personalized experience. Please note that we are a bonded, government licensed school. 

7310 18 Street

Edmonton, AB

​T6P 1N8

Jay is the owner and creator of Edmonton Truck Training.  Jay has over 13 years of experience as a driving instructor.  Jay previously taught both cars and trucks; however he realized that he is most passionate about truck training!  Jay has worked in the trucking industry and shares his personal experience and knowledge with his students.   At ETT Jay ensures each student receives a personalized education that meets their individual needs. 

Jay is known for his friendly demeanor and his in depth knowledge about trucks.  Jay is kind and patient, and he spends one on one time with his students ensuring the student feels comfortable and confident in their training.  Jay’s goal is to ensure students are absolutely prepared for testing and for their career in driving.   

​"I believe that I can teach you the right knowledge and skills to become a responsible and professional truck driver on the road.  I specialize in Class 1, 3, and Air brake.  I can ensure that you become comfortable, confident, and capable on your journey in this field"