We offer the Air Brake course every Sunday.  In the spring and summer time our classes often get completely booked, so we add additional classes on Thursdays. 

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The MELT program commenced in March, 2019.  The Government of Alberta wanted to help improve Class 1 training for students to ensure all new drivers are well educated and safe on the roads.  Since that time, Edmonton Truck Training has been delivering this course as per Government requirements. 

Class 1 MELT Training includes:


There are 10 modules that will be covered in this course.  Each student must successfully complete each module to graduate from Class 1 MELT.  The modules will be taught in classroom, in yard, and behind the wheel.  

Module 1 - Employment in the Trucking Industry

Module 2 – Vehicle Components and Systems

Module 3 - Basic Driving Techniques

Module 4 – Professional Driving Habits

Module 5 - Off-Road Tasks and Manoeuvers

Module 6 - Documents, Paperwork and Regulatory Requirements

Module 7 – Vehicle Inspection Activities

Module 8 - Hours of Service Compliance

Module 9 – Cargo Securement and Loss Prevention

Module 10 - Handling Emergencies

The full MELT course will take approximately 5 weeks to complete. This will depend on how available the student is as well as the school at the time.  

A Class 1 driver’s licence permits an operator to drive any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles, other than a motorcycle. The minimum learning or licensing age is 18. A learner must hold at least a valid Class 5 drivers licence. The driver must successfully complete Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) before they are eligible to take the Class 1 Knowledge Test and Class 1 Practical Road Test. 

Class 3 Training includes:

In truck training - 1 on 1 with a licensed instructor
Pre-trip Inspection (under hood, inside cab, circle check, air brake inspection)
City and highway driving
Right & Left Turns
Lane Changes
Shifting Up/Down  (13 speed transmission)
Post trip Inspection
*Automatic and manual transmission available

Students usually require approximately 10 hours training for class 3 depending on your previous experience.  

To book a class 3 road test the student will need a completed air brake certificate/endorsement, and a class 3 knowledge test.

A Class 3 driver’s licence permits the operation of any single motor vehicle with three or more axles

Additional Info:

Be at least 18 years of age or older

Hold at minimum a Class 5 (non-GDL) drivers licence
Each student must pass the knowledge exam before taking the road exam
Pass a vision screening
Have an Air Brake certificate if the vehicle is equipped with Air Brakes

Air Brake Program

6.5 Hours in Classroom and

2 Hours in Yard (Practical)

ETT tries to complete the course in one full day.  Students are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the class start time to complete paper work registration.  Students will be given breaks during the course including a one hour lunch break (students can bring their own lunch or grab something from near by, there are many food options)

This includes theory and practical.  This course teaches drivers about the safe and efficient operations of a air brake system.  ETT will provide each student the knowledge and the skills as excepted by the Government of Alberta's Air Brake Program requirements.  Each student will be provided with their own copy of the Air Brake Manual: A Guide for Students.  After the theory portion of the program, students are to complete a practical with the instructor.  The practical includes inspection and testing the air system, adjustment of the slack adjuster on one axel, and to ensure all the components of the air brake system function properly. 

Ultimately the student should achieve his certificate, and then proceed to the registry to register the certificate on his license as a “Q” endorsement.

Note: The air brake knowledge test is to be completed by a Registry agent.  Once you have passed this test, you will be given an upgraded licence/endorsement.